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School  counselling service  Providing children  with emotional and therapeutic  support ​​  

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Space4u counselling Ltd is a company that has a team of dedicated counsellors that provide support in schools in their pursuit of a holistic approach to education. We recruit locally when providing school counsellors. 

 Our service has over 20 years experience of providing therapeutic support to children and young people within schools and colleges.  

Our team of counsellors are qualified and experienced with working with children presenting emotional /behavioural concerns., We use a range of methods to therapeutically engage with pupils, which include the use of creativity, role play, mindfulness and solution-focused techniques. All our work is monitored and evidence-based.   

The service recognises the importance of good mental health in allowing children to deal with trauma, loss and worries. Children will then be given a better chance to reach their potential. 

Our partnership with schools is an essential part of the pastoral support offered to students. .

We provide training to staff around issues that affect children and young people's mental health. 

All out counsellors work in collaboration with other professionals and upheld and follow BACP ethical and good practice guildlines. 

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Professional and affordable school based counselling